Mr Chan is the proprietor of a stationery shop, Zi Rong Trading. He was looking into expanding his business into selling phone cards, but was daunted by the heavy investment needed to procure adequate supplies of all the many phone cards on the market. To make matters worse, all his suppliers required upfront cash purchases which his small firm would not be able to afford. With the Faspay v-POS, all Mr Chan had to do to sell phone cards was to buy a manageable amount of credit and dispense the card simply by touching on the user-friendly POS screen. Faspay’s v-POS helped Mr Chan avoid huge and unaffordable upfront purchases as well as expiry of unsold cards, and Mr Chan is today able to reap the benefits of entering the phone card market.

“Selling phone cards was always something I wanted to do, but the heavy investment and upfront costs made me think twice. Faspay’s v-POS really transforms this market by being very affordable for small firms like mine, and makes it possible for us to tap on this growing demand.”